Eco Friendly
Dries Fast


“Dri-Towel is one of a kind! The unique synthetic fiber blend allows this towel to stay dry throughout the game and stay fresh all season long. Whatever your sport, Dri-Towel gives players the opportunity to keep their bodies dry and fresh.  In football, turnovers can occur when a player’s hands become moist with sweat and perspiration. Dri-Towel is better than cotton towels because it wicks away the water and does not absorb the moisture. Players can use Dri-Towel multiple times without having to switch towels throughout the game. The towel’s unique patented pocket allows players to keep their mouth pieces in a safe clean environment and ready at all times. Dri-Towel is second to none!”

- Joseph Lisi, College football writer

“Dri-Towel Is One of the Most Innovative sports performance products I’ve ever used. It is everything that I need to stay Dri and cool during intense and rigorous work outs. salute to Reggie ! I use my Dri-Towel daily!”

- Don Cannon, World Renown DJ

“Want to thank Dri-Towel for presenting the first Hacks 4 Heroes event. Everyone will be receiving a towel on their bag.”

- Hack4Heroes

“I wanted to write one more review on the Dri-Towel that doesn’t have anything to do with fitness but more of a testimony of how great it is. I have always struggled with really bad acne. I had it when I was a child and it rolled over into my adult life. It’s incredibly annoying and embarrassing. When I received my Dri-Towel there was a big one and a little one.  I decided to start using the small one on my face after every washing.  I started noticing that my face had started clearing up and I haven’t had any new breakouts.  Its pretty crazy and awesome at the same time.  I definitely love my little Dri-Towel.”

- Janice Sochacki Varnagatas